Vintage fur coats


Vintage fur coats are not only beautiful they also in many cases have sentimental value. You might have received one as a gift or inherited it from a family member. In any case, vintage fur is older and requires proper care and maintenance. However, taking care for older furs that require regular cleaning can be quite costly. In today’s era of the internet, there are a many professional fur care websites dedicated to helping fur owners extend the life of their favorite fur garments and keep them beautiful longer. By searching online you can easily find fur cleaning and glazing solutions as well as odor and stain removers. And if your white vintage fur has been locked for too long and yellowed with age you will have to use fur whitener that will work like magic restoring your fur to its original look. There are different fur care products available that are designed for all types of fur and are made only of natural and non-toxic ingredients that guarantee to be gentle on your fur. And the best part is that usually fur care products are so easy to use that you can clean your fur all by yourself saving hundreds of dollars on a professional fur cleaning facilities. You can also find all brushes and pads you may need to complete the treatment at home along with the list of easy to follow instructions. Should however any questions come up, you can ask professional advice on Yahoo Answers or other similar websites.

Proper care of your fur coat

Fur coats are not only beautiful but efficient in keeping you warm, perhaps, that’s why they never go out of style. Fur is a natural and very durable material. You can keep it beautiful and prolong its life by properly caring for your favorite fur garment. There are a few basic rules that are easy to follow that would help maintain your fur at its best.

First of all when you come from outside before hanging your fur in the closet make sure it’s completely dry, putting away a wet coat will ruin the fur. Furthermore, when stored in the closet fur needs to be well ventilated, so make sure the hanger with your fur coat or jacket has enough space around it and is not touching other garments. The hanger you use for your fur coat or jacket must be wide. Only a wide hanger will provide enough support for neck and shoulders of your fur garment to help keep its shape. When not in use it can be stored at room temperature for up to 6 months. If you want additional protection against dampness or unpleasant odors garment bag could be a solution but make sure you use a wide hanger and put some Moth Away bags in the pockets of your garment. Don’t store away dirty or greasy fur. The longer dirt, make up particles or oils from your skin would stay on the fur the more time it would have to set in and reach the skin backing of your garment. Try to tend to all the stains and problem areas as soon as possible and definitely clean your fur before storage.

Cleaning your fur may be easier than you may think. Online sellers offers a wide array of
products that help you clean, maintain and store your fur. They are very affordable and you
can easily use them at home instead of bringing your fur to a fur cleaning facility and paying hundreds of dollars for same results. Moreover, looks for sellers who guarantee that all the fur care solutions they offer use only natural and non-toxic ingredients that will be gentle on your fur. Be sure to check on Google to find all the fur care products you may ever need to keep your fur always beautiful.